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About Us

The Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism seeks to support and foster the university mission of service by preparing students to be engaged, aware and responsible citizens..


The mission of the Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism is to engage students, faculty, and staff in meaningful service to the community. We develop educational programs and support service-learning initiatives that provide transformational experiences for our students in their development as citizen-scholars and strengthen our institution’s civic mission.

Saluki Volunteer Corps 

Students volunteer in at least 30 hours of community service per academic year at after-school programs, the public library, state parks, food pantries, reading newspapers for the visually impaired, or Habitat for Humanity.

Benefits of Volunteering

  1. Explore academic interests and new careers.
  2. Connect classroom theory to practice.
  3. Learn new skills and build professional contacts.
  4. Receive a Student Involvement Transcript to add to your resume.

Land of Lincoln AmeriCorps

Land of Lincoln AmeriCorps is a grant-based, community serviceproject mad possible through the Illinois Governor's Initiative and the Corporation for National Service in Washington, D.C. AmeriCorps members primarily focus their service in education, providing direct, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring assistance to teacher referred K-2 emergent learners, or middle-school students who would benefit from a relationship with a caring adult.

Benefits of AmeriCorps

Land of Lincoln members are eligible to receive the following benefits:

  1. A yearly stipend or living allowance in the sum of $6,405 in 10 checks.
  2. An education award in the amount of $2,775 upon successful completion of 900 hours.
  3. A portion of interest accrued on an existing education loan during the term of service.
  4. Leadership training and professional development opportunities at local and state levels.


Service-Learning takes place in credit-bearing courses that integrate academic content with real-world experience in community-based settings. There are over 80 service-learning courses at SIU across a wide spectrum of disciplines. In these courses, students participate in activities that address real needs of the community while learning academic content and social issues.

Benefits of Service-Learning

  1. Put classroom concepts into practice.
  2. Get to know your professor's research interests.
  3. Develop communication, critical thinking and provlem-solving.
  4. Explore possible career paths.
  5. Gain an understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives.

AmeriCorps Alumni Testimonial - Chris Davies

"When I was a college Junior I sometimes felt as though I had been lost in a crowd of faces and names. I was nothing more than one of thousands of students attending SIU.  I was not special, or exceptional.  I came to Land of Lincoln AmeriCorps: SIU chapter seeking an opportunity to develop myself by helping those who needed it most; it became a life changing experience. I would urge any student looking to do truly meaningful work to apply for a position within AmeriCorps.  A position with AmeriCorps is one that fosters responsibility, critical thought, cultural diversity, and a sense of civic duty beyond that which students can find in a classroom. I myself developed skills in event planning, management, coordination, and leadership. These are skills that must be learned, not taught in a class room. Even after your term of service is complete, AmeriCorps will continue to guide your career and open new doors for you. I am currently attending a top ranking graduate school while being awarded an AmeriCorps fellowship worth 40% of my tuition. My institution is just one of many that recognize the quality of AmeriCorps and its Alumni. I challenge the students of today to be more than ordinary, I dare them to be extraordinary; don’t just be a citizen of America, be an engaged citizen through AmeriCorps."

- Christian Davies, 13’ Geography and Environmental Resources

To learn more about AmeriCorps, please click on the following link: AmeriCorps

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